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Bleriot XI 1909 French Aircraft

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Bleriot XI 1909 French Aircraft

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Basic Specs
Wingspan 63 inches
Length 54 inches
Weight 7 lbs
Engine .46 - .60 2-stroke
.56 - .80 4-stroke


The Model
We have chosen the scale 1:5, as it allows a reasonably big airplane, but a small enough one that it can be handled easily in a car, easy to assemble at the airfield and above all, it relatively easy to fly. The model can be converted to the "Channel Crosser", but we have chosen to build the somewhat later and improved version.

As you can see from the documentation the variations of the Bleriot XI are numerous and your choice can be any one of the depicted aircrafts.

There were several variants of the Bleriot XI and our model is designed after the double rattan tail skid ones that were used in many of the flying schools in France to teach Americans the necessary combat skills needed in WWI. Changes can be easily made to model other variants like the tail wheel used in Louie Bleriots channel crosser or others.

The airplane comes with the landing gear attached and it remains only to screw the stabilizer in place and attach the rudder, control wires to the rudder and elevator horns. The wings are pushed into the fuselage in holes located on the sides and the wing supporting wires attached with the quick links "turnbuckles." It may be necessary to adjust the tension of the wires.

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