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Bristol F2B

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Bristol F2B: 1917 (Bristfit)

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Basic Specs
Wingspan 94 inches
Length 63 inches
Weight 16 lb. 2 oz.
Engine .60 - .90 2-stroke 4-stroke .90-.120


The Model
This aircraft has a wing span of nearly 8 feet which makes it very stable and easy to fly. For transport to and from the flying field, both wing panel groups can be removed, rigged and complete, with only the disconnection of a few rigging wires 4 locking screws and the servo connectors. All the settings and trims are preserved. As per prototype, the elevator can be trimmed for angle of incidence. All the rigging wires are functional and aid to the stability of the airplane. As additional feature, you can have a functional exhaust and manifold, connected to your 4 stroke engine that displaces the exhaust out of both sides.

There is ample room for radio equipment, servos and extras that you would want to add. For ease of ground handling, the tailskid is stearable and coupled to the rudder bar with wires.

The documentation refers to the aircraft, still today in flyable condition in the Shuttlewort Collection in England. The scale propeller delivered with the model is 2-bladed but a 4-bladed can be supplied as extra item on request.

The finished model is painted in 1918 livery and further detailing can be made as per documentation.

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