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Fokker D-V

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Fokker D-V:1916 German Fighter/ Trainer

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Basic Specs
Wingspan 68.9  inches
Length 63 inches
Weight 9 lb. 5 oz.
Engine .46 - .60 2-stroke
.60 - .90 4-stoke


The model
Both the upper and the lower wing panels can be removed, which allows for easy transport in most size vehicles.

Rudder and elevator are controlled by pull-pull cables form the rudder bar and the control column. Ailerons are controlled by pull-pull cables as per prototype.

With a .46 (7,5cc) 2-stroke engine the airplane is capable of all the maneuvers in the book but still as docile as you can demand form a fighter trainer. The moment arms are short and the rudders sensitive so fly if you can, with a dual rate transmitter.

The finished model is painted in 1916 livery and further detailing can be made as per documentation.

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