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                         3 Sea Bees Museum Quality Models


3 Sea Bees is proud to present our premier line of MQ (museum quality) models.  These one at a time, hand built, specially constructed 1/5th scale   MQ models are available as special orders only and will require some time to complete. We have had long delays with some of the initially ordered planes and appreciate your patience and understanding with the several problems that caused these delays.  Most of the problems associated with our MQ series have now been rectified and orders can be anticipated to be completed with 90 to 150 days.  If you have a deadline on your plane, we need to know this when you place your order and we will require a deposit of $250 to place those orders.

We offer all of our models as MQ (museum quality), which are covered and painted with prices listed on our website under pricing and as MQ bones. Bones models are not listed on our website or brochures and are priced at the time of order. They are the most accurate and the most detailed of all our models and are therefore the most expensive. The bones models, even though they are not covered, require more time and materials to manufacture. The following photos show the NYP wings as used in the standard ARF and the covered MQ on the left and the bones MQ on the right. Note the differences in construction. The standard wings are built to be strong, to simplify construction and yet be accurate in shape in function. The MQ bones are as an exact replica of the full sized originals as possible. Being uncovered they allow the fine details to be shown. Covered MQ bones models are also available. Call for pricing and allow 90 to 180 days to complete. 


.  Any of our models can be ordered as MQ and usually require twice the building time of our standard line of highly detailed of 1/5th stand off scale models.  For instance, our standard R/C-8 Bristol F2B requires 300 hours factory time to construct while our MQ model Bristol takes twice that time 600 hours to complete.


To order one of these exceptional models, contact us ASAP.  We now have the all of our models available as MQS.  Also please state weather your plane will be used as display, or flight and the type of power plant you intend to use.


(Please Call for details)

Museum Quality Pilots 

Museum Quality Pilot Bust figures are now available. Please send a portrait picture of your self and a profile picture included and we will make you a museum quality bust. This personal likeness will put you in the cockpit of your aircraft and really gets the attention of your fellow pilots. Cost for the MQ pilot is $150.

These photos are for the RC-7 Nieuport MQ\

These photos are for the Bristol F-2B

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