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Pfalz EI/EII

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German fighter from the early part of World War I. Entering service in spring 1915, it was a rival of the more famous Fokker E3. The prototype was French! A license built French Morane Sauliner type "G".

The engine was an Oberursel 90 hp., licence built in Steyer Germany and based on the French LeRhone rotary engine.

By all accounts it was not a difficult machine to fly, it was modestly aerobatic and had a top speed of around 80-mph. Wing warping was used in preference to ailerons and airframe design was light and economically designed. Without the single forward firing machine gun it would probably have been regarded as just an average fighting machine, but with the advantage of one of the first to use this device (Fokker Eidekker was the first aircraft where this system was applied.), it became a deadly killer in the hands of a skillful pilot.

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