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Tulin Type K

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Sweden was not invoved in World War I and had a slow start in building an aircraft industry. Dr. Enoch Thulin, considered the founder of the Swedish aero industry, started his aircraft factory by producing French Bleriot XI and Morane Saulnier under licence. One of his own designs emerged in 1917, the type "K", which in addition to be delivered to the Swedish flying corps was also exported to the Netherlands in no less number than 15 aircraft.

The two aircraft sold to the Swedish army recieved serial numbers "21" and "23". One further produced plane was retained by Mr. Thulin himself for personal use and further development of the type.

Type "K" has all flying elevator and lateral means of wing-warping. The pilot needed a sensitive touch in controls and later ailerons and stabilizer/ elevator were installed on some aircraft.

The prototype had the following specifications:

  • Engine: 90-105 hp Thulin A rotary (improved le Rhone 9-C)
  • Wingspan: 9000 mm
  • Length: 6600 mm
  • Take off weight: 525 kgms
  • Max Speed: 150 km/hour at low altitude
  • Operating ceiling: 5500 meters
  • Max airborne time: 2 hours 30 minutes

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