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Tulin Type K

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Thulin Type K: Swedish fighter from 1917

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Basic Specs
Wingspan 70.8 inches
Length 54.3 inches
Weight 7 lb. 14 oz.
Engine .46 - .60 cc 2-stroke
.65 - .80 cc 4-stroke: (with modifications)


We have chosen the 1/5th standoff scale for all our present flying models that results in a plane that is easy to fly and see, but still manageable to transport. Our models come with more than sufficient detailing to satisfy the majority of modelers and flyers but still leave room for the additional personal fine detailing of the perfectionist.

When using a powerful engine a certain amount of downthrust is desired and a firewall wedge is provided to achieve this. All wires are functional and the rigging can be easily dissconnected for transportation. Unlike many models, our rigging is both fully functional and necessary for structural support and can be easily removed with quick links for transportation. With wings removed they can be easily transported in most vehicles.

Both wing panels can be removed for transportation which gives very limited requirement for transportation size. With a .60 2-stroke engine the airplane is capable of limited aerobatic manoeuvres, but is still as docile as you can demand from an early fighter. The moment arms are short and the rudders sensitive so fly, if you can, with a dual rate transmitter.

The finished model is painted in 1917 livery and further detailing can be made as per documentation.

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