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Tummelisa Swedish Trainer

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One of the oldest and best known aircrafts at the Swedish Airforce Museum in Linköping, Sweden, is Ö1 Tummeliten (Little Tom Thumb) or more often known as Tummelisa his female counterpart.

This aircraft was constructed in 1919 at the Swedish Army Aircraft Factory (FFV) at Malmen near Linköping, now the head quarters of SAAB, (Svenska Aeroplan AB). The initiator was Captain Gösta von Prat who had spent some time at Ecole d'aviation in Paris and the chief designer was Henry Kjellson a skilled and aadvanced aircraft engineer. The aircraft was equiped with an 80 hp rotary engine made in Sweden and based on the le Rhone rotary engine. The main purpose of this aircraft was to rreplace the heavy and slow Albatross, in service as training aircraft. It was small and light and was intended to improve pilots' handling skill and sensitivity.

In total 30 planes were built and Tummeliten served without any major accidents until 1935 when all but one were scrapped. The remaining aircraft, No. 3656 was kept in flyable condition long thereafter and was overhauled and repainted as late as 1951 and flown in Gothenburg that year. In 1962, at the 50 year anniversay celebration of the Swedish Airforce Tummeliten was flown for the last time and is now grounded because of risk of losing an historical valuable aircraft.

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