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ARF, ARC & NF Versions


Just added... New RCV engines look under "pricing"

Large, Custom Built 1/5th scale Replica models of Vintage and Historically significant Aircraft available as...

  • R/C (radio controlled) flying aircraft  

  • Display (non-flying) models  

  • MQ (museum quality) Models   

  • Solid (handcrafted) Models; any scale, any plane or helicopter etc.  

  • RCV engines

Whether you are an individual, aviation enthusiasts, R/C modeler, interior decorator, educational organization, museum representative, restaurant or other business operator, shop owner or other organization, we have a model suited for you.

  We can build a model to your specifications.  Call, E-mail or write for your needs.

  • Added engines check out PRICING
  • Added new RCs - RC 21/23/29 Check it out!
  • Save hundreds of hours building time with our Vintage Replica Scale Aircraft
  • Be flight ready in just hours

Experience flight as it was in the early years of aviation by flying or displaying your very own vintage model aircraft.

Whether you are an RC pilot, a collector, an aviation fan or just really like and enjoy the large sized scale replica model aircraft, these models are made for you and sure to please.

Nieuport 17-C1We realize that your favorite aircraft might not be one of the more commonly available ones, that it might be too difficult to reproduce, or, like so many of us today, you just can't find the time or are not as willing to devote those hundreds of hours to another building project. These models are designed to fill the gap between those long construction times and the airfield.

Our models come ready-built, covered and painted (ARF) & complete with all hardware less engine, fuel tank and electronics. Included in these kits are a dummy engine (except the F2B), static display prop, standard solid wheels (Bleriot comes with wire spoked wheels), and a manual with documentation.

Assembly times vary with experience, but usually 12 to 15 hours will be required to fully complete your model to flying status, while you can prepare one for display in just thirty minutes to an hour.

Tummelisa Swedish TrainerSolar Tex, a heat shrinkable covering material made in England, is used on all our models and readily available Dutch Boy enamels are the applied paints. Being true replicas and like their larger cousins, all of our current monoplanes use active wing warping while the B1 planes use ailerons. The wing warping controls are very smooth, but are usually a little less responsive than ailerons are at the slower speeds.

Depending on the particular model, these aircraft will except engines from a .46 two stroke to a 1.20 four stroke and most are adaptable to electric power, as well.

Try one of these unique vintage aircraft to experience and enjoy flight as it was in the those fledging years of aviation history.

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