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AC-10 Spoked Wheels (36) 5" with rubber tires per pair
AC-11 Wheels - covered hardwood 5" with rubber tires
COLORS: A=antique O=Olive drab S=Silver
AC-12 Wheels - covered hardwood 6" with rubber tires
AC-21 Propeller Scale Thulin K with Alum plate & screws
AC-22 Propeller Scale Tummelisa with Alum plate & screws
AC-23 Propeller Scale Morane Sauliner / Pfalz with Alum plate & screws
AC-24 Propeller Scale Bleriot XI with Alum plate & screws
AC-26 Propeller Scale Thomas Morse Scout with Alum plate & screws
AC-27 Propeller Scale Nieuport with Alum plate & screws
AC-28-2 Propeller Scale 2 Blade Bristol F2B with Alum plate & screws
AC-28-4 Propeller Scale 4 Blade Bristol F2B with Alum plate & screws
AC-30 Dummy Anzani 3 cyl engine for Bleriot
AC-31 Dummy Le Rhone 9 cyl Rotary engine
AC-32 Dummy Gnome 7 cyl Rotary engine
AC-41 Cockpit Interior Bristol F2B
AC-42 Manifold & exhaust - functional Bristol F2B
AC-51 Repair kit, Field (1 turnbuckle, 3ft. wire, 3 sleeves)
AC-52 Wire, rigging 10 feet
AC-53 Turnbuckle with locking nut (6 pieces)
AC-54 Sleeves, crimping wire (12 pieces)
AC-61 Nut 2mm zinc plated (12 pieces)
AC-62 Nut 3 mm zinc plated (6 pieces)
AC-71 Screws 2 mm zinc plated (10 pieces)
AC-80 Machine Gun Parabellum, German
AC-81 Machine Gun Lewis 1/5th scale
AC-81-A Machine Gun Lewis & Mount for Nieuport U. Wing
AC-82 Machine Gun Vickers
AC-83 Machine Gun Spandau
AC-84 Machine Gun Marlin
AC-92 Scarf Mount for F2B and similiar
AC-85 Pilot / Gunner British Full size 1/5th scale
AC-86 Pilot / Gunner German Full size 1/5th scale

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